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Need Personal Loan in Noida without CIBIL check? Apply Here

A financial crisis leads to a situation when we might want to apply for a personal loan from private finance in Noida, you must visit the website of Rupee Station. You might wonder what Rupee Station is? It is a negotiator cum mediator between the financial institution and the borrower. Here in this article, we would like to tell you about the various benefits that Rupee Station provides us. One of the most important criteria you need to fulfill is to check and recheck your CIBIL Score. It is the most important criteria that need to be fulfilled. Poor the CIBIL score is, lower the chance of getting a personal loan. Higher the score more is the chance to get a personal loan.

What are the eligibility criteria to get a personal loan in Noida?

If you want a personal loan from Rupee Station, of course, your first approach would find out the eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill to get a personal loan from Rupee Station. The requirements are adequately explained, have a look!
• He/she must be the citizen of India
• Must be salaried or self-employed with a regular salary
• Must earn more than the income requirement
• Minimum Age limit for salaried is 23 years
• Maximum age limit for salaried is 58 years
• The minimum age for self-employed is 28 years
• Maximum age for self-employed is 65 years
What are the documents required to get a personal loan from Rupee Station?
• Photo Id and age proof
• Application signed with the applicant’s signature
• Bank statements of last six months
• Evidence regarding the residence
In case the applicant is salaried
• Form 16
• Income tax returns
• Last six months salary slip
In case the applicant is self-employed
• Income tax returns and income computation of previous 3 years
• Audited balance sheet or CA certification and profit and loss account (last three years)


There are so many benefits that Rupee Station provides us.  It gives us the tools on its websites so that we can keep a check of our CIBIL score. You can visit the website of Rupee Station and use the two free tools. The first is the EMI calculator and the second and most important is the Credit Report. It eventually calculates our credit score. It provides us loan even if we have a low CIBIL score. It gives us the facility of online documentation. After that, you would be glad to know it’s the most exclusive and essential feature that it provide us a personal loan at a lower rate of interest. You have to submit all your required documents, and after that, it will take some time for the verification. Once the papers or documents are verified, you would receive approval just in two minutes. Once you receive the approval, the loan amount that has been approved would be credit in your account only within two working days. So, if you want a personal loan in Noida, Noida, Gurgaon or any other city in the country, you should contact Rupee Station.

How to Apply for Business Loan in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is the leading city in the industrial hub with having the witnessing of the rapid urbanization. So, at the financial point of view, there are numerous Business Loan in Gurgaon which becomes the backbone for all entrepreneur aspirations. To provide the entrepreneurs with more advantages in order to accomplish a goal, Rupee Station offers the Business Loan with the ranges from Rs.2 Lakhs to 3 Crores with the lowest interest rate and affordable EMI solutions.



How you can turn your dream into reality through the Rupee Station:-


Rupee Station is the reliable platform of online marketplace where all business aspiration fulfills their financial requirement by taking the suitable loan amount through the minimal documentation process. This platform offers you the attractive range of loan first without taking any collateral. All you need to have a good credit score along with the sufficient income from your business or from current profession to get your loan approved quickly. If your credit score does not found an eligible, still the Rupee Station will help you to get you to contact with the private lenders like non-banking financial institutions.


What are the other ways of getting the Business Loan through the Rupee Station:-


Unfortunately, if the lender has rejected your loan application, then here is one more other chance to avail the loan instantly. Due to having the existence of also personal loan in Gurgaon, you can obtain the personal loan through the Rupee Station. If your eligibility and the documentation is not matched for getting the business loan, then maybe it is possible to avail the personal loan. With the same simply verification process and the low rate of interest, you can be ensured for getting your loan application sanction quickly.



What you need to be an Eligible to get the Loan approved from the Rupee Station.


At Rupee Station, there are several banks and non-banking financial companies where you need to match with the eligibility criteria as per accordance of them. But, here the following the necessary requirements of the criteria are which you must have:

· Age of the applicant should be 21 to 58 years.

· The nationality of the applicant

· Current bank statements of the same city.


What are the Required Documents:-


Once you matched with the above criteria’s, then here you need to submit the following documents which are the last method of processing your loan application:


· Valid ID proof like voter ID, pan card, driving license &, etc

· Address/residence proof of the applicant

· Proof of continuity of business

· Latest bank statements

· A form of ownership/ITR/registered partnership deed (in case of partnership firm)/turnover proof.


Rupee Station aims only to connect with the individual through providing them financial support with the lower interest rate. Without any bothering to visit anywhere else or to keep waiting for a long to their borrowers, Rupee Station is known as the leading and reliable virtual marketplace.


Private Finance In Chennai For Bad Credit Personal Loan

Are you looking for a personal loan in Chennai? Now, is it that you want to apply for the business loans for availing a financial support for your company? Well, there are a lot of finance companies in Chennai that are ready to provide both business and personal loans to the borrowers at the lowest rate and flexible EMI option. But, among all, there are only a few of the finance companies in Chennai that offer bad credit personal loan in Chennai. And, in case, the CIBIL is paying off.



After a lot of research, we have come up with this one of the finance companies in Chennai that provide you with a good credit rating. It is of course, Rupee Station. Yes, the company has come up with the concept of bad credit. With an easy EMI option, flexible repayment of tenure, minimum eligibility criteria and paperless documentation process, Rupee Station has created a new landmark for other finance companies for online loans for bad credit in Chennai. 


Benefits to enjoy with Rupee Station:


1. Easy EMI Option 
2. You can choose the tenure of Repaying the amount 
3. They admissibility-have minimum criteria for the implementation 
4. Best finance company to offer personal loan in Chennai at lowest interest rate 
5. Top finance company to Provide business loan in Chennai with minimum criteria admissibilité 
6. documentation process is Easier than other companies 
7. Online KYC approval process and documentation 
8. Bad credit loans guaranteed approval 
9. Instant approval for the implementation within 2 minutes 
10. Instant disbursal of cash within 24 hours 
11 . You can check the business and personal loan admissibility criteria icts website through 
12. You can check your Credit score as well.
13. Instant and 24 * 7 customer support 
14. Fast and easy online tracking facility 
15. 100% safe & secured


So, to apply for it with Rupee Station, you need to go to its official website now. To apply for personal or business loan in Chennai, you need to fill the form. We would also like to check the criteria and credit score before filling in the form. Once the form has been filled up, submit it. Within 2 minutes, you will get credit cards from India, including HDFC, IDBI, IDFC, ICICI, Axis, SBI, UCO, or NBFC's.



Get Personal Loan in Mumbai via Private Financer Even for Bad Credit/CIBIL Score

A financial emergency is a crucial situation when we need money urgently. In this case, our first attempt is to apply for loans, especially Personal Loan. Applying for a Personal loan is way easier than any other loan. The reason behind this is that People need Personal loans for various reasons and so we all are inclined towards the need of a Personal loan. Wait a second it gets difficult for us to apply for a loan if we have a bad CIBIL Score or Bad Credit history. So, it gets important to improve it. Now, if you want an answer to how to avail personal loan in Mumbai private financer? You have to read the article!


What is Credit score or Credit history?


A credit score or Credit history is the first impression of a borrower in the eyes of a lender. Now, it basically defines the credibility or strength of a borrower to repay the loan. It ranges from 300–850. The higher the Credit score is, the higher the possibility of a borrower to repay the loan. The bad credit score starts t 650. People who have a bad credit score, they are required to pay the highest interest rates. Have a look at the table!


  • 760–850 — excellent
  • 700- 759 — very good
  • 660- 699 — fair
  • 620–659 — poor
  • Scores under 620 — poor

How to get a Personal loan at a low CIBIL score: 5 tips!


You must rebuild your Credit

If you have a bad credit score, you must definitely try to improve it. Give it proper time to improve the score you have. Make your every payment on time and also keep checking your Credit Report.


Opt for bad Credit Lenders

Now, you are unable to improve your credit score, you can definitely try to contact a credit lender who can get provide you a loan even if you have a bad credit score.


Contact a cosigner

This is an important way of getting a loan. If you are unable to improve your credit score, you can take a loan by borrowing someone else’s good credit score. A cosigner is a third party, generally a close friend or any family member. A co-signer agrees to pay your loan if you are unable to repay it.


Contact a friend or a family member!

U can ask for a loan personally and promise to repay at a particular interval of time. Make sure you repay the installments and the entire on time so that the relationship does not suffer. Asking or lending loan like this generally does not include the check or recheck of Credit score.


Apply for a secured loan

A secured loan allows you to borrow personal loan against any asset or mortgage. Applying for a secured loan is way easier than others.


If you have a bad credit history or Low CIBIL Score and still want to apply for a personal loan, you can definitely stay in touch with the Rupee station, which acts as a mediator between the financial institution and the borrower. It gives you a loan at a lower rate of interest, even if you have a low CIBIL score, and gives you the service of online documentation. Once your form is verified, you will be given approval in two minutes. Imagine, Is there Any Way of Getting a Personal Loan in Mumbai without Documents? you can contact the Rupee Station for further process and information. Stay tuned and connected with the Rupee Station for further help! Reading this article might be helpful too!


How Can You Make Possibilities for Taking a Business Loan in Bangalore?

Are you the person who wants to live with your own business and taking the ambition of a successful entrepreneur in the city of Bangalore where it already considered as the Silicon Valley of India. If it so, then your major step will be the capital where almost every business aspiration needs. It because growth takes capital and there are the chances of getting a small Business Loan in Bangalore for making possibilities for fulfilling the business career from the breakthrough supporter Rupee Station.



Know more about the Rupee Station:


Rupee Station is the online lending marketplace where it takes the borrower to lead a successful entrepreneurship career. At Rupee Station, the business aspiration can avail an attractive range of a loan up to Rs.3 crores with an extended tenure period and the lowest EMI option as well. It is quite a hassle-free process for the applicant to enjoy the benefits of sufficient amount. Rupee Station offers instant approval with quick disbursement in the applicant bank account. At Rupee Station, you can create the possibilities for applying for a dream career:


Wait to apply until turn your good credit score:


You need an excellent score of credit for applying for any loan at bank, NBFCs &, etc. But all of them consider this as a key question before approving the application of the loan. Well, if you have bad credited score and afraid or hesitate to apply for a loan, then you need to wait until score well. You can make it by repaying the existing loan on time to time. While at Rupee Station, you can also know the procedure of How to Obtain Unsecured Business Loan in Delhi NCR OR anywhere in India from the private lenders like NBFCs .


Make a strong business plan:


If you are dedicated truly to doing your startup, then you must have the best idea to execute your dreams. If you do not have a sufficient fund, but still you can approach to avail a suitable capital to get wings your dream business. Rupee Station will always pleasure to help those aspirations with connecting them to the other financial institutions.


Your eligibility is an initial stage:


For applying for any loan, your eligibility would be defined as a key thing. Rupee Station will consider that applicant for the Business Loan who has age between 21 to 58 years; nationality will be an Indian, also having current bank statements with the entity of business proof and income records as well. However, the applicant who has a strong business idea (as above-mentioned) is also welcome at the door of the Rupee Station.


Submit your documents:


Once you have matched with the eligibility, then you are requested to submit the correct documents like your valid ID proof, residency proof, proof of running a business with ITR/balance sheet along with a turnover, latest bank statements, a form of business ownership & a few more.


Once your documents are submitted successfully, then your loan application would be considered successful. Rupee Station is the leading virtual based lending provider where it offers a short and long term business loan with the lowest interest rate and promising of quick disbursal within twenty-four hours.

Follow These Steps to avail Online Personal Loan in Bhopal

Personal Loan is the best-suited option to smooth en up cash flow at the times of stringency in a city like Bhopal. As we know that Bhopal is the leading home of emerging industries with the strong presence of employment opportunities as well, that’s why it is possible to avail financial help at here. You may be thinking that How to take Personal Loan in Bhopal. So, let us tell you that you can apply & even avail it instantly through the Rupee Station, take a look below to find their beneficial services.
Will Rupee Station provides you the Adequate Support?
Rupee Station is the pioneer of the digital lending platform in India where it offers a digitally financial solution without letting you to involving in any lengthy procedures in documentation & sending you anywhere else. You can apply anywhere between from Rs.50K to 15 Lakhs at lower interest rates with tenure repayment period up to at five years. Before availing the numerous opportunities from Rupee Station, your excellent history of credit score will be a key process for evaluating your eligibility for approving your loan request. If in case of having a bad credit score, still, you can be eligible for the Personal Loan in Bhopal at Rupee Station.
Fulfill your needs from Rupee Station:-
By availing the Personal Loan from the Rupee Station, you can fulfill your various needs and accomplish the essential responsibilities in the following:
  • Covering the massive wedding expenses.
  • Purchasing the new or second-hand four-wheeler.
  • Constructing your house or renovating it.
  • Paying the hefty bills of the medical emergency.
  • If you are planning to visit abroad.
What are the Basic Eligibility Criteria’s?
For seriously loan seekers, they need to check their eligibility first at Rupee Station, where you will find the differently required entitlements of numerous banks and NBFCs. But at the following, you need to match with the basic criteria at initial:-
  • Working individuals applicant age should be in between from 21 to 65 years and for self-employed, their age should be from 28 to 65 years.
  • Applicant should have latest salary slips of last six months if he is a working individual & proof of business continuity along with turnover proof for the self-employed.
  • Applicant should be an Indian.
What are the Documents you need to provide to finalize the Loan process:-
Here you need to submit the following documents if you matched eligibility criteria successfully:
  • Applicant photo ID and govt. ID like voter ID, Pan Card, driving license &, etc.
  • Applicant’s residency proofs.
  • For the self-employed applicant, their ITR of last three years along with the audited balance sheet & a few relevant documents.
  • private personal Loan Bhopal


Rupee Station is tie up with several private finance company for personal loan in Bhopal where you will be helped to avail with a low-interest of rate through the hassle-free process along with the guarantee of providing fast cash disbursal within twenty-fours only as well.

Personal Loan Application Rejected In Delhi NCR. How To Get The Approval?

We all know that New Delhi is the capital of the Republic of India and is the focus of international government, trade, history and literature in the country. There are hundreds of people who are willing to fulfill their dreams and taking the help of the loan factor at this point is entirely relatable. But what would be more heartbreaking than realizing that the loan application rejected. Well, to avoid such issues the user can go through the below eligibility criteria for Rupee Station so that their application is not rejected anytime soon and they get Personal Loan in Delhi NCR.

Points to remember


The reason that the application form for Personal loan in Delhi NCR was rejected was due to the fact that the credit profile did not match the criteria stipulated in the Rupee Station policy at the time. However, Rupee Station might be able to approve the application at a later date, if by then the eligibility criteria file has improved or there have been changes in our policy.



The eligibility criteria in Rupee Station start from the age of 21 for salaried individuals and stops at 60. Whereas for the self-employed individual the period begins at 21 and ends at 60 years



The minimum income for a salaried applicant starts at INR 15,000. Whereas for the self- employed individual the criteria are based on the turnover of INR 15-40 lakh and minimum PAT of INR 1 lakh for experts and 2 lakh for proprietorship, must  be in current business for at least five years and minimum three years for doctors


Loan amount

The loan amount for the salaried as well as the self-employed individual starts at INR 50 thousand and goes up to INR 40 lakh for all the applicants looking for personal loan for low cibil score in Delhi can be achieved only at Rupee Station with this amount


Rate of interest

The rate of interest at Rupee Station begins at 10.99% at Rupee Station. This means that the user is granted with a low-interest rate so that they can pay their loan amount easily.



It is necessary for the user to have all the below mentioned documents to avail Personal Loan in Delhi via Rupee Station.


  • ID verification -Passport, driving license, voter ID and PAN card
  • Proof of identification, address proof and DOB proof for KYC.
  • Residence evidence leave and license agreement, water and electricity bills not older than 3 months
  • Salary slips for last 3 months
  • Audited financials for the previous two years for income proof
  • 2 passport size photograph


If the user still has any doubts related to why his/her loan application rejected, then they can contact the 24/7 helpline number of Rupee Station for more details about how to write loan application letter to a company or bank? . The professional would help the users with their doubts and queries.

How to get a Personal Loan Quickly in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is considered as a leading commercial and industrial place in the part of the National Capital Region of Delhi. Being well-connected by also the infrastructures and massive growth in the economy over in last decades, so taking the personal loan in Ghaziabad from the Rupee Station would be the best solution to make life easier in terms of completing even the essential roles in the life. Rupee Station offers attractive ranges of the loan amount from Rs.30K to 25 Lakhs with a low-interest rate and less EMI options too. By choosing the Personal Loan in Ghaziabad, you will be happy to have been a part of the various reasons like covering the massive expenses of the wedding, purchasing house/flat or renovating it, paying the hefty bills of a medical emergency, and more others.

How Rupee Station would be a Best Option for you:-


  • You don’t need to give collaterals for obtaining the loans.
  • Tenure period of one to five years.
  • A low rate of interest.
  • Instantly approval with the quick disbursal.
  • Tax benefits.
  • Convenient process for applying.

For availing the financial support quickly, you need to show your good credit history along with enough income to the lender. Apart from it, you also require to show your current work experience with the proof of home ownership basis like whether you are living in a rented flat or living with your family owned house. However, bachelors and those who are residing currently in a P.G. are also invited to avail the personal/business loan from the Rupee Station.


Rupee Station is the safest & secure online lending platform where the borrowers can avail the opportunity for applying for a loan. With the formalities of the minimal documentation process and uploading a few required documents through the internet, you can quickly get your loan approved within short days. But you need to be eligible for demanding the loans. You can match your eligibility criteria at the following:


Eligibility Criteria Required for the Personal Loan:-



  • Should be an Indian nationality.
  • He or She must be salaried or with constantly income flow.
  • Age limit of the salaried individual from 21 to 58 years and 28 to 65 years for self-employed.

  • Required documents for uploading at Rupee Station:-
  • Age and valid ID proof with passport size photographs.
  • Residential Proof
  • Latest Bank Statements for self-employed and the latest salary slips for the salaried individual.
  • ITR/Audited balance sheet proof for self-employed.

Apart from the personal loan, Rupee Station also provides the Business Loan in Ghaziabad with the same advantages of the low rate of interest and flexible for choosing the tenure period as well.